Inspiration for my paintings comes from personal photographs as well as working from live models and sketching plein air. Simply put, I use recognizable imagery as my base and abstract it. My paintings reflect Cubist-like simplification, a clear demarcation of tonal shifts and chromatic intensity. My goal is to use painting to heighten the impact of everyday scenes and experiences.

A quote about abstraction from painter Chris Martin best explains my thoughts, “What does it mean, “abstract?”… Maybe it’s a formal design strategy with invented rules…”

As a teacher and arts innovator, I propose that some art can be made not only by studio trained artists, but freely and spontaneously, by everyone. I encourage process oriented engagement with materials and themes. This results in abstract, almost hieroglyphic collages in addition to more illustrative pieces.

Pam has studied painting and drawing in New York City at Grand Central Atelier, The National Academy of Design, and the Harlem Studio. Pam exhibits in the greater New York Area as well as the Hudson Valley.